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Different Stylists on One Receipt - You can switch users during a transaction. This allows for a separation of duties such as washing, styling, and drying. This also makes separate commission calculations possible.


Detailed Reports by Stylists - You can call up reports on different stylists and users in order to evaluate the performance of each.


Staff Discounts - Makes discounts available to staff and improves motivation.


Vouchers - Coupon are maintained by the Quorion

All coupons are checked the validity. Automatic coupon system increases security and protects from abuse.


Commission Rate - Based on independent sign-on. Stylists and users receive different commission rates. Allows you to allocate more to your best staff or by experience.


All this and much more. Please contact us for further information or to arrange a demonstration at your premises or at our showroom


The QMP50 may be small but it packs a big punch.Customer receipt and electronic journal. It can be programmed for 20 staff and will report on products sold by each member of staff. Items can be read by a scanner or entered using a PLU number.



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